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ARYA HUDSON | 22 | Petite, Authentic Sub

  • ARYA HUDSON | 22 | Petite, Authentic Sub
  • ARYA HUDSON | 22 | Petite, Authentic Sub
  • ARYA HUDSON | 22 | Petite, Authentic Sub
  • ARYA HUDSON | 22 | Petite, Authentic Sub


Date : April 11, 2019
Hourly Rate ($): : 240
Location : CBD

Feisty but obedient pocket sized Submissive specialising in BDSM/Kink services.

Have total ownership over an authentic, experienced – passionate – Sub with very high limits.


Your opportunity to experience something rare – a GENUINE Submissive.

Take what you want, how you want it. This little lady – despite her cheeky confident demeanor – is here to give over all her control.


About her:

She is a full of life little – size 6 – bottle rocket. Tight body, breasts to make bras obsolete and a 23″ waist.

She has high limits, an open mind and high endurance – all packaged up perfectly with an extremely warm and friendly manner.

For your experience: Anything from mild.. to hardcore-rough and also, ‘taboo’. | Comfortable, Modern Apartment OR an unconventional setting of your choosing! | Indulge – have an intense, short, no nonsense release, a very fulfilling hour or so – or – even a full night of total obedience.


To make a booking Contact –


Note: Arrangement usually handled by assistant. SMS ONLY. 🙂


Base Rates Include Full Service (Harder than usual/Intense Sex & Oral Submission) They Are:

15 Minutes – $100

30 Minutes – $180

1 Hour – $260

+ Extras*


Other Booking Length and info for Dinner/Dates and or Overnight/Evening Rates – Please Enquire



*Notes Reg. Extras: They are packaged together depending on which/how many requested for booking length – cost kept lower the more you’d like. | This is not the full list – I Can never underestimate the imagination of others nor the limits of my own kinky list memory/recall! Anything not mentioned that you’d like please do ask! Very open to quite a variety. | If you find it impossible to explain what you’d like in words I’m happy to receive links 🙂

ARYA HUDSON | 22 | Petite, Authentic Sub